News Digest 1-26-2022


Flash: Biden Withdraws COVID Vaccine Rule

U S Supreme Court ruling spelled the end of the ETS, but is there more to come? Workers’ Comp Executive


Utahns worry bill about firefighter workers’ comp will secretly impose martial law

A bill in the Utah Legislature allows firemen to collect workers’ compensation if they are injured while fighting wildfires in other states, but some Utahns are worried the bill authorizes troops to be called out to lock up residents or impose martial law. The panic revolves around a section that references “emergency response teams” that would be authorized to conduct urban searches in coordination with the Department of Homeland Security. Salt Lake Tribune


Minnesota: Student employee charged with workers’ comp fraud

A Minnesota State University student is accused of fraudulently collecting workers’ compensation. A former supervisor discovered he was working in the college admissions office while continuing to collect benefits on the claim he was unable to work due to his injury, according to prosecutors. Mankato Free Press


Store hours reduced as employees call in sick

Customers across the country are encountering early closings and food shortages at restaurants and grocery stores. Processing plant, food distribution and grocery store employees have called in sick as well, resulting in food shortages. In Arizona, 1 in 10 processing plant and distribution workers at a major produce company were recently out sick. In Massachusetts, employee illnesses have slowed the flow of fish to supermarkets and restaurants. SHRM