News Digest 11-23-2020


Alabama mother challenges workers’ compensation laws after son’s death

A Talladega County, Alabama woman is pushing to change Alabama workers’ compensation laws after her 20-year-old son’s death that stemmed from a 2019 accident that occurred as he as washing out a tanker at the company where he was employed. Despite violations cited by Fed-OSHA, the employer is immune to suit under Alabama’s workers compensation law, the family’s attorney says. CBS 42


Texas first responders who die from COVID-19 denied state benefits

The Texas prison system continues to lead the country in COVID-19 infection rates and prisoner deaths, but families of prison employees who have died have been unable to get critical first-responder benefits even when the death is officially in the line of duty. Across the state, dozens of families of first responders are facing a similar bureaucratic maze. KIII (Corpus Christi, Texas)


Seven accidents that can lead to personal injury compensation

Each year in the United States, about 137,000 construction employees suffer serious injuries at work, and more than 800 of them die from those injuries. Here are seven common construction site accidents and incidents that often result in these employees seeking personal injury compensation. Fox 29 (San Antonio)


Why enterprises must rethink employee safety in a remote work environment

A virtual workforce has pushed potential threats of workplace violence and the duty of care into newer territories where many teams lack the resources, tools and expertise to manage. What happens when a furloughed or fired employee decides to retaliate? Forbes