News Digest 11-24-2020


AB5’s Disastrous Effect on Franchisees

California’s AB5 has affected far more employees than just freelancers. Small businesses who franchise are among those affected in that the law does not separate their business from that of the franchisors and effectively makes them all employees of the national organization. What an unmitigated mess Democrat Assemblyman Lorena Gonzales, a former union boss, gave us. We’re taking Assembly Bill 5 to court to protect our franchises, writes Robert Cresanti. Orange County Register


White House notes sharp drop in COVID death rates among elderly, middle-aged

As treatment for the infection improves, the White House on Friday noted a sharp drop in COVID-19 related death rates among elderly and middle-aged Americans. Just the News


Ohio BWC hires two firms to run $480M in midcap strategies

The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, Columbus has hired American Century Investments and Boston Partners Global Investors to run about $240 million each in active domestic midcap value equities, according to a BWC spokesman. The bureau issued an RFP the after the termination in January 2019 of Sasco Capital and Systematic Financial Management, due to personnel changes at both firms. Pensions & Investments


Is stress making you sick?

Stress is a natural physical and mental reaction to everyday life experiences, but stress levels that stay elevated for longer than is necessary for survival can take a toll on your health. This is where it becomes chronic. Considering all these scary statistics, and the ‘new normal’ way of living (working from home, restricted social life) that we are all trying to get acclimatized to, what can we do to cope with stress and lead calmer lives? Greek City Times (Sydney, Australia)