News Digest 11-25-2020


Family files suit over grocery employee’s COVID-related death

The family of a 70-year-old grocery story employee who died from COVID-19complications, has filed a wrongful death lawsuit that claims his employer refused to allow employees to wear masks at the time he became sick. The lawsuit further alleges the grocery chain knew or should have known that the employee was exhibiting signs and symptoms, but failed to send her home or ensure that she did not present for work. KDRV (Medford, Ore.)


Missouri: County benefits from lower 2021 workers’ comp cost

The Cape Girardeau County Commission voted Monday to accept an adjustment of nearly $50,000 in the county’s 2021 workers’ compensation cost in the county’s favor. One commissioner attributes much of the premium reduction to the county’s ongoing training programs and implementation of policies designed to improve on-the-job safety. This year, workers’ compensation coverage cost the county approximately $172,000. Southeast Missourian


How much do plexiglass shields help?

Businesses and workplaces have pointed to plexiglass dividers as one tool they are using to keep people safe against the spread of the virus. Given that they’re just about everywhere, you may wonder how effective they actually are. WLFI (West Lafayette, Ind.)