News Digest 3-31-2021


Former rural mailman sentenced for disability fraud

A federal judge in has sentenced a 57-year-old Maryland man on charges that he made false statements in order to obtain disability benefits related to his employment as a rural carrier for the U.S. Postal Service. He admitted he completed a form stating he had not worked, even though he had worked at various jobs between 2016 and 2019 including as a snowplow driver, a service advisor at an automotive repair shop, and a field supervisor for a home improvement company. ABC7/Fox Baltimore


West Virginia House adopts bill to establish intermediate court

The West Virginia House of Delegates voted Tuesday to establish an intermediate court of appeals. The intermediate court would consider appeals that now go to the Supreme Court, the Workers’ Compensation Review Board or the West Virginia Insurance Commission’s Office of Judges. The Office of Judges would be terminated, and the Workers’ Compensation Review Board would be expanded. Charleston Gazette-Mail


Canada: Quebec to allow farmers with Parkinson’s to get workers’ comp

The province of Quebec has added Parkinson’s to the list of occupational illnesses in order to make it easier for people working in agriculture to collect workers’ compensation. They no longer will have to prove the disease is related to their work, but will have to have to prove they have had direct exposure to pesticides through contact or inhalation over a period of at least 10 years. CBC


Nevada bill would remove THC level from DUI law

Nevada is one of six states with a per se law, where a specific level of THC in the blood constitutes driving under the influence. According to a state assemblyman, studies show that the blood tests do not prove the level of impairment, but Nevada’s workers’ compensation laws are tied to its DUI laws. KTVN