News Digest 4-1-2021


Connecticut could see up to $900M in savings in retirement ‘tsunami’

A study of Connecticut’s state government in advance of an expected wave of retirements next year has identified as much as $900 million in potential savings in executive agencies with total budgets of $14 billion. Targets for savings included reducing the $100 million spent annually on workers’ compensation claims by state employees and $250 million in overtime. CT Mirror


Court rules university can’t be sued for workers’ compensation retaliation

The Missouri Court of Appeals Eastern District on March 23 reaffirmed a line of cases barring workers’ compensation retaliation tort claims against state entities. Missouri Lawyers Media [may require registration]


How vocational rehabilitation helps injured employees recover on the job front

A nationally certified vocational rehabilitation counselor discusses how state programs differ and what role counselors play in the legal and job training processes. Legal Talk Network [with audio]


Judge dismisses meat plant employees’ lawsuit

A federal judge in Pennsylvania has dismissed a lawsuit by meat processing plant employees against Fed-OSHA that claimed the agency failed to protect them from COVID-19 on grounds that, that because no agency inspector had found an imminent threat to employees, a cause of action did not exist. Food Processing