News Digest 4-28-2021


Flash: Fed Guidance Relaxes Mask Mandate for Some

There is new guidance out on when and where masks are no longer necessary. What is the latest? Click here. Workers’ Comp Executive


Nevada: Temp agencies battle skilled trades over construction workforce bill

A bill in the Nevada Assembly intended to address employee misclassification within the construction industry has drawn criticism from personal employment agencies, which contend it would force them to upend their existing business models. Proponents say the bill clarifies the longstanding position of the Nevada State Contractors Board. Nevada Current


Minnesota extends COVID-19 workers’ comp eligibility for first responders, front-line workers

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz has signed a bill extending workers’ compensation eligibility for emergency first responders and frontline employees. The law is based on the presumption that a COVID-19 infection is work-related. The existing bill was set to expire May 1. KNSI Radio (St. Cloud, Minn.)


Supreme Court upholds Texas justices in medevac case

Handing a loss to an air ambulance company, the U.S. Supreme Court has affirmed a Texas Supreme Court decision that limits medical service providers to collecting “fair and reasonable” rates from workers’ compensation insurers. Reuters [may require registration]


Wisconsin governor signs workers’ comp bill for emergency responders suffering from PTSD

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers on Tuesday signed a bipartisan bill to allow first responders including police and firefighters to receive workers’ compensation if they’ve been diagnosed by a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist with post-traumatic stress disorder. Currently, public safety officers must prove that PTSD was caused by unusual stress compared with what their co-workers regularly experience on the job to claim workers’ comp. Wisconsin State Journal