News Digest 4-29-2021


Medical cannabis bill stalls in Florida

Legislation to protect Florida public employees who lost their jobs for using medical cannabis for pain management has stalled this session. Under current laws, agencies that receive federal funding, such as school systems, default to national laws that don’t allow medical cannabis use. ClickOrlando


PTSD-stricken Wisconsin first responders now covered by workers comp

According to a Ruderman Family Foundation study, across the country in 2017, 140 policemen and 103 firemen died by suicide, compared to 129 and 93 line-of-duty deaths, respectively. On Tuesday, Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers signed a bill that will help first responders suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder get workers’ compensation, which they’ve been seeking for nearly five years. WTMJ (Milwaukee) [with video]


Texas Senate bill seeks to help first responders

First responders across Texas could soon be supported by Senate Bill 22, also known as the First Responders Pandemic Care Act which, according to a state senator, presumes they contracted COVID-19 at the workplace so they can collect workers’ compensation and death benefits to spouses. ABC7 (Amarillo)


CBIA Workers’ Comp Program Shares $1M Experience Refund

CBIA’s Comp Services board of directors has announced a $1 million experience refund for the program’s qualified policyholders that will be distributed to those with good loss ratios. Connecticut Business & Industry Association/CBIA


Filmmaker discusses her documentary on watch-dial painters of last century

While researching the Manhattan Project, filmmaker Ginny Mohler stumbled on a little-told story of the young watch-dial painters in New Jersey during the Roaring Twenties. Here, she discussed the complex legal battle they waged to eliminating radium toxins from the workplace. Legal Talk Network [with audio]