News Digest 5-3-2021


City of Miami employee sues city commissioner after Incident at illegal party

A City of Miami code officer who has accused a city commissioner of injuring her at an illegal party is now suing him for defamation. After police body-camera footage was released that did not show any physical contact between commissioner and the city employee, the city commissioner said the employee was lying in order to file a fraudulent workers’ compensation claim. Miami New Times


Violence against healthcare employees is a growing problem

The phenomenon of widespread violence is prevalent throughout the healthcare industry. One of the most common healthcare workplaces that is a victim of violence is the emergency room. Certain states have increased efforts to try and curtail this issue, writes Sai Balasubramanian, J.D. Forbes


North Carolina workers’ comp bill targets law enforcement, first responders

A bill pending in the North Carolina legislature would allow paid time off through the state’s workers’ compensation system for post-traumatic stress disorder experienced by law enforcement, firemen, EMS employees and 911 dispatchers. A similar measure passed the North Carolina House unanimously last year, but did not move past committee in the state senate. Others workers’ comp bills, including one focused on firemen who get cancer, have followed similar paths. WRAL


Pennsylvania lawmakers working on first responders’ PTSD bill

First responders in Pennsylvania would be entitled to workers’ compensation for any psychological traumas that happen from the job, under a bill that is expected to be introduced in the coming weeks. Fox 43


Cleveland-area nurse ordered to pay back $23K for workers’ compensation fraud

A 46-year-old Shaker Heights, Ohio therapeutic program nurse has been ordered to pay back more than $23,000 to the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation after she pleaded guilty to felony workers’ compensation fraud for failing to tell the BWC, her former employer or her doctor that she’d gotten a new job. 19 News (Cleveland)