News Digest 5-4-2021


Cafeteria employee sues school district alleging CO poisoning

A Massachusetts middle school cafeteria employee is suing the school district and its member towns because she says was poisoned by carbon monoxide on the job. Gloucester Daily Times (Gloucester, Mass.)


Workers’ comp changes on fast track in Colorado

After a bill that significantly expands the pool of treating providers for injured employees passed its first committee on a party-line vote Wednesday, it’s set for debate before the full Colorado Senate. Denver Business Journal [may require registration]


Pork line speed limits will return, court orders

Line speeds at U.S. pork plants will be slowing down after a federal judge ruled the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s removal of processing speed limits did not adequately take employee safety into consideration. Faster line speeds for both pork and chicken processing lines were allowed under the Trump administration, but those rules have been rolled back. Food Dive


Minimizing distraction hazards when driving

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health has reported that 14 percent of all motor vehicle crashes in 2018 involved a distracted driver, resulting in 2,841 deaths. NIOSH also reported that research suggests distraction is present during more than half of normal driving. For the driver of a commercial motor vehicle, even a minor accident caused by distraction can result in loss of a job or commercial driver’s license, so it’s important to understand how distractions occur so they can be avoided. The Trucker