News Digest 6-15-2022


Better Business Bureau warns about scammers tricking victims by using Facebook

Scammers have been using Facebook Messenger to impersonate the recipient’s friend, saying they are owed workers’ compensation. Fox 23


Is ‘take-home COVID’ the new frontier?

As COVID-19 continues to spread, so do the liability theories it leaves in its wake, including so-called “take-home” COVID-19 liability, writes Erica Ramsey of Robins Kaplan LLP. JD Supra


Kentucky Labor Cabinet warns employers about heat issues for employees

Whether in hot indoor facilities or in direct sunlight, heat can take a toll on those performing manual labor. With Kentucky firmly in the grip of the first sustained heat wave of the year, the state Labor Cabinet is reminding employers they must protect employees working in hot conditions. Kentucky Today


What retailers need to know about hiring minors this summer

As summer approaches, retailers may be looking at staffing options they did not consider before the current employee shortage, that includes hiring teen employees and creating internship programs. Both present a host of potential compliance pitfalls. Chain Store Age