News Digest 6-16-2022


Husband of Alabama county employee who died in industrial accident awarded $3M

The husband of a Shelby County, Alabama employee who died when she was pulled into an industrial machine in 2017 was awarded $3 million in damages after a judge found two employees removed safety guards that could have prevented the fatal accident.


Oregon’s heat rule takes effect

A new set of rules meant to protect those who work outdoors rom extreme heat, by requiring employers to provide mandatory breaks, shade, cold water, and training when the heat index reaches 80 degrees Fahrenheit, took effect this week. The rule was was modeled after emergency rules implemented last summer in the wake of a deadly heat wave. Ombuds Office for Oregon Workers is one of several organizations offering help understanding workplace safety and health rights, and workers’ compensation rights. Salem Statesman Journal


Caterpillar reportedly leaving Illinois

One of Illinois’ biggest employers is relocating its headquarters to Texas, a decade after its chief executive warned state leaders of business losses unless they balanced the budget, controlled workers’ comp costs and cut taxes. Illinois Policy