News Digest 6-2-2021


Connecticut legislation would expand PTSD coverage for first responders, frontliners

A broader group of Connecticut first responders and frontline employees soon may be able to get workers’ compensation for post-traumatic stress disorder. In testimony opposing the PTSD expansion earlier this year, an organization representing towns and cities said costs will vary depending upon the number of claims and their severities. NBC Connecticut


Ohio BWC proposes new rule excluding COVID-19 claims from experience rating

Noting pandemics are generally considered catastrophes and the presence or absence of a pandemic is not believed to be a reliable predictor of whether one will return in the future, the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation proposing a new rule that would exclude COVID-19 claims from an employer’s experience rating, writes Corey L. Kleinhenz of Roetzel & Andress LPA. National Law Review


Sponsors kill Colorado bill to expand doctor choice for injured employees

Business leaders had warned that the proposal could lead to slowing the process of getting workers back on the job and could add costs. Denver Business Journal [may require registration]


Can my employer ask for my vaccine card?

Changing rules around social distancing and mask requirements for fully vaccinated individuals can be a challenging prospect when employers do not know what percent of their workers are protected against the coronavirus. What does the law say? AS