News Digest 6-3-2021


Can a workers’ comp claim be filed for adverse vaccination effects?

If an employer requires an employee to get vaccinated for COVID-19 and it causes adverse effects, can a workers’ compensation claim be filed? Two attorneys discuss. We Are Iowa (Des Moines)


Lead smelter sued over exposure

A former employee of a lead smelter has filed suit in Florida against the company on behalf of his young son alleging that the company’s dangerous and dusty work environment resulted in the boy being exposed to the neurotoxin. The lawsuit is the latest fallout after a Tampa Bay Times investigation found hundreds of employees were exposed to dangerous levels of lead and other chemicals at the plant. PBS


Are off-site injuries covered by workers’ comp in Oklahoma?

Over the years there has been a steady stream of cases involving employees who have filed workers’ compensation claims after being injured away from the employer’s premises Changes to Oklahoma’s laws sought to clarify whether the offsite injury was compensable, and two recent cases provide employers with more answers, writes Charles Plumb of McAfee & Taft. JD Supra


Seven options for managing a partially vaccinated workforce

Employees in certain industries such as healthcare and education likely will continue to be required to mask-up and social distance for the foreseeable future. However, other employers are developing various approaches and policies to lift masking requirements for employees and others who are fully vaccinated following new CDC and Fed-OSHA guidance. Even though some federal, state, or local agencies may require or request that employers track employee vaccine status, there is a growing move in some states to protect vaccine status as confidential, private information, write a group of Fisher Phillips attorneys. JD Supra