News Digest 6-20-2019


New York farmworkers win basic labor rights as landmark legislation passes

New York legislators on Wednesday approved legislation that will give farmhands protections already afforded to the majority of New York’s workforce, including the right to unionize and overtime pay as well at least one day off per week. Under the measure, workers are also eligible for unemployment insurance, paid family leave and workers’ compensation. New York Daily News

Former trucking exec pleads guilty to two counts of wire fraud in mail contracts case

A 46-year-old former executive of a Florida-based trucking company pleaded guilty in federal court this week to wire fraud related to mail contracts it had with the U.S. Postal Service. Prosecutors allege he purposefully misclassified drivers as independent contractors and did not provide them with W-2s, a violation of the contract with the postal service. Freight Waves [with video]

Novel approach proposed to resolving opioid lawsuits

Nearly 1,970 local governments have filed suit so far against companies that have made and sold prescription opioids. This week, lawyers representing hundreds of local governments presented a federal judge in Ohio with a unique proposal intended to resolve the avalanche of lawsuits filed as a result of the opioid crisis. FairWarning

What is dust, and is it harmful?

What is dust made of, and is it bad for human health? New Scientist