News Digest 6-21-2019

Quote of the day

“We have increased our sampling, we have lowered the average exposure and we continue to do that every day.”

David Zatezalo, Assistant Secretary of Labor for Mine Safety and Health, to a congressional committee regarding an “emergency standard” for crystalline silica exposure limits

Physician’s Weekly


Florida contracting sting nets nine

Following reports of false contracting, sheriff’s officials in Manatee County, Florida arrested nine men this week for workers’ compensation fraud and performing unlicensed plumbing and electrical work. WWSB (Sarasota, Fla.)

MSHA head says no rush on silica limits, despite black lung

Government research and reports from black lung disease clinics in Appalachia show incidences of the progressive respiratory disease rebounding, despite improved safety measures adopted decades ago that had almost eradicated it. However, on Thursday, David Zatezalo, chief of the Mine Safety Health Administration, said there are no plans to fast-track new limits for coal miner exposure to silica dust. Physician’s Weekly

The growing problem of workplace fatigue

Studies indicate 13 percent of workplace injuries are attributed to fatigue and more than 40 percent of American workers say they sometimes are too tired to function safely at their job. Fatigue is estimated to cost employers more than $136 billion annually in health-related lost productivity and has been linked to deaths as well. advantage

Court: Canada not immune under Massachusetts workers’ comp law

Federal law immunizing foreign governments from liability does not protect Canada from being sued as an uninsured employer under Massachusetts’ workers’ compensation law for injuries suffered by a consulate employee in Boston, a federal appeals court has ruled. Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly [may require registration]

Penn State selects new workers’ comp vendor

Penn State University has selected a new third-party vendor, Broadspire, to manage its workers’ compensation claims starting in July. The company administers the workers’ comp programs of similar clients, including the University of Southern California, Oklahoma State, Tulane and others. Penn State News