News Digest 6-7-2021


New Mexico county group reduces workers’ compensation fees again

The New Mexico County Insurance Authority Board of Directors voted last week to reduce by 50 percent the amount that 30 counties that participate in the self-insurance pool will have to pay for coverage for 2021-2022, an amount totaling about $3.82 million, according to a news release. Roswell Daily Record


North Carolina policeman wins workers’ comp claim against city following 2016 shooting

A former Salisbury, North Carolina policeman who was cleared for his role in a November 2016 shooting death while attempting to serve a no-knock search warrant has won his workers’ compensation lawsuit against the city, after successfully contending his neurological and cardiovascular disorders are a direct result of the shooting. Salisbury Post


Ohio county’s workers’ comp process questioned

Trumbull County, Ohio commissioners last week approved a floor motion to hear from more companies that offer managed care services for county employee injury claims filed through the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation, after a commissioner expressed concern the county’s human resources director selected a company one day after the open enrollment period began on May 3. Tribune Chronicle


Understanding the workplace bullying phenomenon

Workplace bullying has been recognized in the United States since the early 2000s, but unlike discrimination, harassment, and sexual harassment, there are no federal laws to protect employees from workplace bullying. It can be difficult to prove as well. Prince William Living