News Digest 6-8-2021


What are New Mexico employers liable for in a pandemic?

As New Mexico employers contemplate how and when to bring back employees to the offices after more than a year of the pandemic, an Albuquerque attorney offers some insights on liability. Albuquerque Journal


Does hepatitis C require isolation precautions?

Hepatitis C is an infectious disease caused by the hepatitis C virus (HCV). This article discusses whether people with HCV need to isolate, how HCV spreads, and the precautions people need to take in healthcare settings and at home. It also explores how long HCV is contagious for and whether it is curable. Medical News Today


New York city bus drivers fight MTA over pay after being attacked

A Brooklyn bus driver hailed as a hero after being slugged and slurred while trying to protect an elderly Asian couple has been denied workers’ compensation by the MTA because the attack occurred during his coffee break. The City


New Orleans city official calls for criminal charges in 2019 hotel site collapse

A New Orleans city councilwoman wants developers and contractors to face criminal prosecution for the death of three employees who were killed in a hotel project collapse in 2019. Fed-OSHA cited multiple failures and violations of the building contractors that led to the unfinished hotel’s collapse. WWL (New Orleans)