Compline Goes Daily in Major Upgrade

The Compline X-Mod database and associated systems have moved to daily updates. Compline members now get workers’ comp X-Mod changes daily and receive Modwatch – notices X-Mod changes for risks they are watching. The changes are already in effect.

Members who were getting weekly lead service now receive those leads every day.

All systems and reports are affected, including:

  • Modwatch, daily reporting of changes to employers X-Mods
  • NewMod and & Modplus lead services providing lists of employers with first-time issued X-Mods and those with changes up or down based on the shift by some number of points.
  • Premium Rating provides premium estimates for 290+ carriers in California, showing how much room they have to deviate from filed up or down.
  • An experience mod calculator allowing for what-if scenarios with graphics
  • Reports such as Strategic Rate Comparison, the Carrier Territory Rate Mapper, which tracks and maps carriers filed territorial deviations, and other reports.
  • Lead Generation prospect list services

The integration between the lookup service, X-Mod calculator, and premium rating has been enhanced. Client-specific critical data and information flow between the systems to eliminate as much manual entry as possible.

Carriers’ rate filings are also updated frequently, which Compline’s integrated comparative rating tool provides premium estimates for 290+ California carriers even more valuable to brokers and their clients. The system allows brokers to rate hundreds of carriers in a matter of seconds.

Compline, established in 1982, provides California Members with up-to-date X-Mods, Experience calculators, allowing analytics with charts and graphs, premium rating, and lead generation. Its members control and write the predominant amount of California workers’ comp premium.