Flash Report: Cal/OSHA Officially Refutes CASPA

By: Workers' Comp Executive

In a point-by-point response to Fed-OSHA’s recent evaluation of a stakeholder complaint against Cal/OSHA, Chief Juliann Sum dismisses the allegations as based “almost entirely on outdated information.”  She also attributes the deficiencies alleged in the CASPA as “reflecting conditions” under the administration of former Chief Ellen Widess.

In late June, Fed-OSHA issued its findings on the CASPA, agreeing with several of the allegations raised by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility. 

Those, now refuted, findings are below.

  • Cal/OSHA conducted an inadequate number of inspections in dangerous workplaces;
  • The worker safety agency failed to conduct follow-up inspections of employers with serious violations;
  •  Cal/OSHA failed to issue citations promptly; and
  • It failed to respond timely to workers complaints of unsafe or unhealthy working condition.

Sum refuted each allegation in detail and ended Cal/OSHA’s response and called upon Fed-OSHA to base its official recommendations on “information that is complete, accurate and current.”

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