Flash Report: Dems Kill AB 5 Repeal Bill

The Democrat majority – by more than a three-to-one margin [see the votes below] – dashed the last hopes to repeal AB5 for what the Legislative Analyst’s office estimates are some 1 million freelancers. The only support came from the Republican Assemblymen in attendance; no democrat voted aye.

Assemblyman Kevin Kiley (R-Rocklin) asked the California Assembly this morning to waive the standard committee review process and to hold an immediate floor vote on the bill, AB 1928. But it was a flawed bill which, had it passed, would have left freelancers worse off than they are now because it did not address the Dynamex decision which AB5 codified.

Kiley, who used the effort to raise reelection funds, many say cynically, said he was making the motion “on behalf of countless Californians whose lives have been destroyed by AB 5.” The bill is blamed for upending hundreds of thousands of business relationships between individuals working as independent contractors and companies around the state. Employers are also hurt badly by AB5.

The bill is still alive but with no prospects of passage, according to legislative experts. It is currently assigned to the Assembly Labor and Employment Committee but has not yet been scheduled for a hearing. As an urgency measure, it will require a two-thirds majority to the Legislature. It is not going to happen. Below is an image of the Member’s votes.

AB5 repeal bill