Flash Report: ⚡️ 2021 X-Mods Are Coming

California Department of Insurance has approved the WCIRB’s regulatory filing (not rates) for X-Mod factors, including the expected loss rates for the system’s 500+ classifications. The approval clears the way for calculation of employers’ 2021 X-Mods.

The Bureau says it will begin issuing 2021 X-Mods this Thursday, and Compline, in conjunction with the Bureau, will be providing same day service for new X-Mods for the first week.

The CDI also approved the new classification 8871 – Clerical Telecommuting, which appears in Compline today if provided by the Bureau.

Three classes are eliminated:

  • 2211(1) Cotton Batting, Wadding or Waste
  • 2211(3) Felting Mfg
  • 2211(4) Wool Combing or Scouring

All three are reassigned to 2222 Spinning, Weaving or Fiber Processing

Compline encourages producers and service staff to add clients and prospects to Midwatch for instant notification of a change in X-Mod.